What are pre-order products?

Products that have not arrived into our warehouse yet can already be reserved and paid for through pre-orders. From pre-order to delivery it will take approximately one month before the stock reaches our warehouse and we can dispatch your order. Expected delivery weeks into our warehouse are displayed next to the product pictures. As you will need to wait on these products a bit longer we offer you a 5% discount on pre-order products. Once pre-order items arrive into our warehouse you can purchase them for the full price. 


Who can place pre-orders?

After you place a first order with us you can start placing pre-orders. Before you place a first order with us it won't be possible to pre-order items nor will you be able to see the pre-order products. 


How does it work?

It’s really easy! You select the jewelry or accessories that you'd like to pre-order and place them in your shopping cart. Please note that the minimum purchase amount is $ 100 (excluding Shipping Fee). Pre-order new products and in-stock products cannot be combined into one order. 

Each pre-order product shows an expected delivery week. This is the week in which we expect to receive the products into our warehouse. Pre-order products with different expected delivery weeks cannot be combined into one pre-order. 

It may happen that shipments into our warehouse experience a slight delay. In that case we will do our best to give you a timely update about the new delivery date.


And then? 


Did you finalize your pre-order and are your pre-order products back in stock? Then you will automatically receive a notification with a track and trace code.